Website design
We offer our clients a full range of web design services. But here's the interesting part: You can have your customized website up and running with a minimal initial fee, and very affordable monthly payments that cover all maintenance, hosting, and upgrades. We make sure your business will become more visible.

Our website development team consists of graphic designers, programmers, and professional photographers working together to create best tailored websites for our clients.

Your customized website will:

  • Have the highest quality graphics and photos
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Be optimized based on specific key words
  • Appear in the top pages of a Google search

Our website development and maintenance package includes:

  • Domain name: The second step involves finding the appropriate URL address based on your business name in any domain name system.
  • Web marketing strategy: As the first step of the website design process, we analyse your business, based on location, offered services and market targets. Based on the information obtained, we develop a strategy as how to be competitive on the internet in order to ensure a maximum of exposure.
  • Website layout: Based on your specifications, we propose different layouts to come up with the best design.
  • Photo sessions: Our professional photographer will be at your clinic to take high quality photos of the clinic, doctors, and staff. Once approved, the final results will be implemented on the web site and on other marketing material such as social network pages and printing materials.
  • Web development and integration: The final step involves the creation of the pages, implementation of pictures and content, based on initial developed strategy.
  • Online publishing: Upon approval, the website will go online.
  • Hosting and maintenance: This step will include updates, additions of a new page or new content and, upgrades which automatically include any new feature or function developed internally that enhance the quality and the performance of the website.