Magazine "Klinik"
The Klinik magazine is the most effective way for you to reach your target clientele by providing intelligent content, and useful health-related information in a highly attractive format.

The services offered by First Aid Marketing for the creation of the magazine include:

  • Design and development (design, layout and providing content)
  • Highest quality printing
  • Distribution by Canada Post (to every address based on your exact specification)
In association with different health organizations and orders across Canada, Klinik features educational and promotional articles that will help your business to gain notoriety in the area of your choice. Available in French and/or in English, Klinik is printed using state of the art printing equipment and materials.

Benefits of sponsoring the magazine include:

  • Exposure and notoriety for your establishment in a way that no other print advertisement can achieve
  • Exclusive distribution of the magazine in your selected area
  • Electronic version of the magazine on your website to have an even greater promotional impact
  • Delivery of the magazine in every targeted client mail box
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